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Hydroponics Farming

A new dawn in agriculture

For several centuries agriculture has played an important role in our lives. As time led to innovation and breakthroughs, the agriculture industry too underwent drastic changes. From hybrid seeds, to modern farming methods, there were several advancement in agriculture too. One such practice that developed over it known as Hydroponic farming.

To the uninitiated this is a completely new theory, but to the known faces this practice evolved since the 18 th century. So what exactly is hydroponic farming?

As per Better India, it is defined as the science of soil-less farming. Yes you heard that right, soil-less farming- in hydroponic farming plants are grown without the traditional use of soil and is instead replaced by a nutrient rich source of water.

While it does sound like a bizarre practice, plants require sunlight, nutrients and water to grow, and in hydroponic farming these select nutrients are supplied by the water directly, hence eliminating the need for soil. Not only do plants grow without soil, they grow a lot better with their roots in water.

The historic landmark- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Modern Day Iran) is one of the most popular applications of Hydroponic Farming. It is more than just innovative farming- it is also quite beneficial

  • It provides constant nutrition to plants allowing them to grow 50% faster when compared to traditional farming
  • It is environment friendly. Hydroponic farming eliminates the need for using herbicides and pesticides.
  • Water used for hydroponic farming is reusable, reducing the need for constant usage of water
  • It does not take much space, and can be grown in a small space
  • Fresh produce can be harvested throughout the year

In modern times where making the environment sustainable is a priority, hydroponic farming is an effective, easy-to-use and viable option. It is environment friendly, sustainable and with careful planning it can be a proper substitute for areas where less crops are produced. Most importantly it can be a key provided for essential crops in times of drought.
Green Block Farms is a Mumbai based startup that is dedicated to promoting and supplying heathy food through hydroponic farming. Creating an alternate and innovative method of farming through hydroponics, Green Block Farms is innovating and playing its part in the go-green initiative.

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