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Green Block Farm is a Mumbai based startup which grows Hydroponic Produce. The inspiration for hydroponics came out from the need to grow food that’s fresher, tastier, better for the environment and change what we eat as a society.

We are a modern farm, operating every day of the year.

Today, the term “quality” when referring to fresh produce is related to the external characteristics, size and uniformity, something that seems to be far from the essence of the term. This is the result of highly mechanized and intensified agricultural production by big companies .

Did You Know ?

In 2015, the United Nations predicted that the world population will grow to 9.6bn by 2050 and 70% of the population will live in cities.

However, such a population increase comes hand in hand with the need to produce more food to feed them. Some estimates suggest 70% more food will be needed. But with 80% of cultivated land already in use and the rapid urbanisation of countries set to continue, the challenge of producing more food in a sustainable way will become ever more pressing.

One solution is hydroponic technology, a niche method of food production that allows producers to grow plants without soil. A subset of hydroculture, this method uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed plants in water without the need for soil.

Climate change has made the growing of food risky. This is because you cannot predict the timing or severity of its occurrence. Hydroponics is the answer to this. When there is too much water because of a sudden storm or too little water because of drought, hydroponics conducted in the safety of a greenhouse can produce the highest quality product.

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Quality Produce

For our hydroponic farm, quality is not something that has to do with how the product looks on the outside, but on what is the essence of it – how to enhance the special desirable characteristics of each one, and more importantly, how it tastes!

This primary goal is where our whole philosophy points to from production to packaging. Simply, it is not good for our produce to look great, while their “real” qualities are missing.

For us, progress is not about more, but about best. This is why, we decided to trade off size over quality. We try to make this mentality our trademark, on our produce, as well as on our everyday activities.


Akshay Baid


Shashank Jairam