Green Block Farms is a growing startup that produces high quality, pesticide free Hydroponically grown leafy vegetables & herbs.

 The inspiration for hydroponics came out from the need to grow food that’s fresher, tastier, better for the environment and change what we eat as a society.We are a modern farm, operating every day of the year.

What is Hydroponics ?

Essentially, hydroponics is the process of growing plants without using soil, which might sound counterintuitive to anyone unfamiliar with the practice. The word itself is an amalgamation of two Greek words: hydro, meaning water and ponein, meaning to toil.

Plants are rooted into a variety of compounds, including vermiculite, rockwool, or clay pellets – inert substances that won’t introduce any elements into the plant’s environment. Nutrient-enriched water then feeds the plant.

Hydroponics offers one particular advantage over traditional growing methods. Through careful manipulation and management of the growing environment, including the amount of water, the pH levels and the combination of specific nutrients plants can be encouraged to grow faster. Air and soil temperatures can also be carefully controlled, as can the prevalence of pests and diseases.

The net effect is an increased yield and improved use of resources. A less wasteful approach to resource consumption means reduced waste, preservation of water stocks and a diminished reliance on pesticides, fertilizers and other potentially harmful materials.






Purple Basil

Italian Basil green


Why Choose Us ?

Committed to Sustainability, Good Business and The Healthy Food Movement

Green Block Farms has adopted innovative sustainable farming practices to ensure that agriculture remains an important source of local produce and a robust sector of the country’s economy.